Suicid Smart | Remake begins

I do such a messy code during the jam ! I decided to remake it from the beginning, it will be more simply to maintain and to add stuff.

In the original project there's no story but I found a very interesting scenario that fit good in the game logic... but I will keep it secret until the first trailer. All I can do is show you the new monsters design :

New Monster Design

New monsters design 

New features :

  •  Data saving system
  • Lock/unlock levels system
  • Runner mode (not implement yet)
  • Fullscreen finally work ! and it possible to disable

Improvements :

  • One settings script for several settings views
  • Button items for menu instead of cursor
  • Better CRT effect and possibility to disable

Coming soon features :

  • Better keyboard control to navigate menu button and pop-up issues
  • Best score/ player name saving on an online server
  • Terrible Sci-Fi graphics design !

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