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Type: Coordination, puzzle, plateformer

You wanna go to the exit but ennemies block the road. The only way to kill them is...commit suicid by explode on it ! But don't worry, you can use a clone box to have a couple of clones. The first one is named Obedient and do the same movement as you. The second is Stubborn and will move the opposite (like a mirror). Spawner are disposed on different zones in the map, you have to choose wich clone do you want to spawn on it. You must action doors and plateforms to help your clones to reach ennemies, and your clones help you by secure exit pathways.

This is my first participation to the Blueberry jam (2017). It's not really finish and I will probably remake the project from the beggining after the jam, so see it as a prototype ! Source code here .

The theme was : "Are you trying to get yourself killed?" Yes, yes you are. Clic here to see other entries to this jam

Team members

Programmer and designer: Kranker Apfel 

Graphic artist: Jika 

Musician : Firipu Kurokei

Ayushman Bilas Thakur helped to game design of the prototype


_ arrow keys to move

 _ space bar to jump 

_ top arrow to choose clone 

_ enter to validate _ R to restart

PS : option scrollbars bug because of my shader, use input box to change volume

Install instructions

Just downloas and run the .exe file !

Windows defender can detect it as a a dangerous app because it's not an official software. But there is nothing wrong, just click on more info and run anyway.


Suicid Smart.exe 26 MB
Suicid Smart OSX.zip 27 MB

Development log


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*Troll ON*
MDRR ton jeu il est trop facile j'lai tairminay
*Troll OFF*
Non sérieusement, le concept est bien foutu, seul défauts sont les ptits bugs de collisions et je sais plus trop après. 11/10 would play it again.

6ème sur 10 ton jeu quand même!!!